CNSI 1: Evaluating + Exercising the Brain – Los Angeles, CA July, 26 – 27, 2024

15 CEU

Upon completion of the class there will be an online exam which you will be required to pass in order to receive the CEU.

  • Review Neuroanatomy and Basic Function of CNS Regions
    • Regions:
      • Cerebellum- Balance, coordination, learned motor tasks. Most motor input travels through cerebellum.
      • Parietal Lobe- Where am I in space? Visual-spatial, visualization, proprioception
      • Temporal Lobe- Perceive auditory, smell, & taste, language, verbal recall
      • Occipital Lobe- visual processing
      • Frontal Lobe (prefrontal cortex)- stop button, filter, inhibits, impulse control, starting a task to completion without distraction, working memory, executive function, organization.
    • Identify generalized functions of the hemispheres
      • Right Brain- abstract, big picture, social thinking, infers.
      • Left Brain- concrete/literal, black & white, details, analytical, familiar, dull voice.
    • Understand the hierarchy of basic pathways of the CNS, including ipsilateral cerebellum to contralateral cortex.
  • Name at least 2 patient symptoms for each brain lobe and the cerebellum.
  • Name at least 2 exams for the brain lobes and cerebellum.
  • Name at least 2 exercises for the brain lobes and cerebellum.
  • Have confidence in using the provided CNSI Resource Binder, including charts and diagrams.
  • Learn to map your assessment findings on our CNSI brain map diagram to aid in developing your CNS input POC.
  • Learn how to utilize CNS input within the OT POC to reach functional LTG.
    • Start to develop a sense of prioritizing your input/exercise using a bottom-up approach.
  • Know how to consult with other CNSI Practitioners


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