CNSI 2: Brainstem & Vestibular Rehab

15 CEU

Upon completion of the class there will be an online exam which you will be required to pass in order to receive the CEU.

Have confidence in treating balance disorders and headache/migraines.  Learn how to effectively provide vestibular input and training as well as how it relates to proprioception and posture to train the brain out of sensory processing dysfunction.  Develop an understanding of how these vestibular and brainstem dysfunctions can lead to other symptoms, such as anxiety and in-attentiveness. The therapist will have their own resource binder for reference and after completing the post-exam, the occupational therapist will be registered as a CNSI Practitioner- level 2.


  • Cranial Nerve Testing
  • Vestibular:
    • Dizziness and Giddiness
    • Peripheral vs Central Vestibular Processing
    • Sensory Processing Dysfunction
  • Brainstem: pons, vestibular nuclei, mesencephalon
    • Vertical plane
  • Migraines

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