CNSI 3: Mood, Movement, and Neuro Fatigue – Toledo, OH Feb 14 – 15, 2025

15 CEU

Upon completion of the class there will be an online exam which you will be required to pass in order to receive the CEU.

Learn the signs of overstimulation and how to provide the “just-right” amount of input.  Assess for signs of basal ganglia involvement, including tics, intentional tremors, and rigidity of movement.  Become knowledgeable regarding adding basal ganglia input to your treatments.  After completing the post-exam, the occupational therapist will be registered as a CNSI Practitioner- level 3.

  • Avoiding patient crash, including headaches, nausea
  • Basal Ganglia:
    • Tics and movement disorders
    • Perceived information versus Reality
      • Leads to argumentative and perfectionist behaviors
      • Inability to control self when things don’t go as expected


Seats Still Available