Central Nervous System Input

Certified Therapists Exercising the Brain

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We analyze neuroscience literature and train occupational therapists how to effectively apply neuroplasticity.

Our mission is to help healthcare professionals better understand human neurophysiology as it relates to mental and physical wellness.

To provide step-by-step instructions for assessing and exercising the brain in order to improve patients’ quality of life, advance the OT field, and improve our healthcare system.

Cutting-edge Therapy Approach

Therapy designed to treat the root cause of symptoms by helping the brain run as efficiently as possible.


Cognitive Neuroscience

The Cognitive Neuroscience field was born in the late 1980’s. Substantial growth in the field following the use of fMRIs on humans in the 90’s.  Additional growth following media attention in the early 2000’s.

Neuroscientists have learned a great deal in the past few decades.

Now it’s time to apply the research to therapy!

Improve Healthcare for All

Offers an alternative option to medication.

Avoid going to specialist after specialist, only to get a diagnosis and having to live with the symptoms

Reducing the frustration with lack of meaningful progress with our therapies.

Our brain is more than just our thoughts and intelligence. It’s our control center.

By changing our brain function, we can change most symptoms.





Social Skills






Motion Sickness

Clarity of Thought

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Neurological Rehab is

Not Only for Stroke and TBI Clients

CNSI therapists work with all ages with a large variety of conditions.  Whether in an outpatient clinic, hospital, or nursing facility our therapists aim to help the body move, think, and feel better.

CNSI is learning how to assess weakness in the brain.

Then providing input to stimulate those weak regions. This results in improved quality of life for our patients and our practitioners.

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