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An Occupational Therapist Training Program

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Physical, Mental, & Cognitive Rehab

Occupational therapists are uniquely trained in assessing not only physical impairments, but also mental and cognitve abilities that may affect one’s quality of life. Occupational therapists are experts in treating pediatric conditions, such as Sensory Processing, as well as adult neurological conditions, such as stroke, TBI, and cognitive decline. We are uniquely positioned to become the experts in neurological rehab as it relates to physical and mental health.

Bring Awareness and Credibility to our Field

Tired of practicing skills with your patients and not seeing enough meaningful progress?

Looking for OT CEUs worth the time and money for both you and your clients?

Do you ever wonder what area of the brain you are working on?

Let’s have a better understanding of the neuroscience behind conditions: ADHD, Anxiety, Sensory processing, Balance, Stroke, Weakness

Occupational Therapy CEUs

We understand how hard it can be to find quality CEUs that train you in meaningful interventions to help you make objective gains.

Simplifying Complex Neurology


We’ve analyzed thousands of Neuroscience articles


We’ve trialed the interventions and closely monitored and recorded progress.

We’ve established assessments and exercises for many regions of the brain to use neuroplasticity to our advantage.

For OTs Across a Variety of Settings

Whether working in pediatrics, outpatient adult, skilled nursing, home health, schools, early intervention, or mental health. You can learn to exercise the brain to create functional outcomes.

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So Many OTs are Experiencing Burnout


Trying to get better outcomes 


Lack of credibility


Difficulty keeping up with research


Under Paid


Struggling to Balance Work And Home


Feeling stagnant in skills

Together, let’s improve our patient outcomes and prove we deserve higher insurance reimbursement rates.

It shouldn’t be this hard to financially support our family and/or business with a Master’s or Doctorate degree. Through advanced training, we can prove better patient outcomes, improve the healthcare system, and fight for higher insurance reimbursement rates.